Brinc Animoca Accelerator - ZK Advancer


Specifically for businesses in or focused on breaking into the India market, the ZK Advancer – India program seeks to identify, mentor, and invest in promising startups shaping the future of Web3 and driving decentralization, as well as considering companies looking to embed Web3 principles into their core business models.

Delivered in partnership with Animoca Brands, ZK Advancer – India focuses on key verticals within Web3 across India including culture, arts, gaming, financial services, DeFi, and other related fields.

High-potential early-stage projects and start-ups that are accepted into the program will receive training, mentorship, India entry, go-to-market strategy assistance, access to a wide network of global, India-centric Web3 partners, and a guaranteed investment of US$250,000 on getting selected + a follow up funding on the demo day.

Program Partners : 

Growx Ventures, Woodstock Fund, Protocol Labs, Huddle, Spheron, OG Club, MEITY, Fusang, Zilliqa, Blockchain App factory

Mentoring Sessions :

Yat Siu - Animoca Brands, Sebastien Borget - Sandbox, Ashish Taneja - Growx ventures, Prashant Swaminathan - Woodstock fund, Sidd Gandhi - Growx Ventures, Som Paul Choudhury - Bharat Innovation fund, Pareen Lathia - BuidlersTribe,Theo Preistley - Metanomic, Nic Nagatin - Digis and Wiktor Zolnowski - Pragmatic Coders, Sangho Grolleman - Cryptopia and more


Attending VCs

Animoca Brands

Growx Ventures

Woodstock Capital

Funding Pool


Mentoring Sessions

Sidd Gandhi

Prashanth Swaminathan

Mohit Goel

Ashish Taneja

Som Pal

Developer Support

Dev support from Indian Program Partners

Program Partners: Huddle, Spheron, OG Club, Protocol Labs, MEITY, Woodstock, Fusang, Zilliqa, Blockchain App factory


Once the startups get selected for the cohort, they receive $250,000 upfront unlike other accelerators. There is also a demo day at the end of the program where they could get a follow up investment.

This is an online program and it includes mentoring sessions from global mentor pool as well.

The course fee is US$40,000, which is payable upon completion and can be deducted from the investment amount after getting selected for the cohort.


Program Dates

14th Dec, 2022 - 15th Jan, 2023

Eligibility Criteria

Startup having Indian founder inc outside India or Startup incorporated in India. Demonstrable use case for the Indian market. Startups should be able to clearly present a viable roadmap for their project

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